About Harley White


My life statement: To fearlessly love and equip people with the hearts and minds of God.


It would be incredibly easy for me to base my mission on of one of my talents, gifts, or even on my job skills.  But this is my basis for all of that and more.  Here is why I do what I do.


However, I am skilled and gifted in other things.  I have a love for photography, teaching, and music.  In my photography, I have been told I have a way of “capturing joy,” which has to date been the best compliment I have received.  I love to capture portraits of people and show them not only what is in them, but how others see them.  I also manage to find a little of myself in the portraits.


From an early age I had a dual goal: music and teaching.  I told my 6th grade band teacher that one day I would also be a band teacher, and I succeeded in that after I graduated from Berry College in Rome, Georgia.  While at Berry I was a member of the Student Government, the Collegiate Music Educators National Convention, and a member of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Music Fraternity.  In fact, it was from that fraternity I received my other favorite compliment of all time as I was sitting with a new group of brothers, that I was like the “Godfather when telling stories.” 

In fact, telling stories in one form or fashion helps guide what I do.  You can read plenty of stories of people with portraits.  Music is a wonderful story teller.  I love to tell a good tale, of course.  And with teaching, I can help others develop their own story.


Teaching has been a passion of mine, as I said, for quite some time.  I did reach my goal of teaching in a classroom, but I have since moved beyond that.  I’ve been a trainer in several jobs I’ve worked.  I’ve mentored people.  I do what my pastor has charged us with: walk life with people.  Walking beside someone and helping them grasp what they reach for, even the simple things, is utterly fulfilling.


And all this is for the glory of God, who has blessed me with all this.


Some fun facts about me


I currently attend Northside Church in Rome, Georgia.

I love people, and always look for the good in them.  It’s there!

Born in Fort Lauderdale, my college football loyalty will always be the Miami Hurricanes.

My favorite colors are green and orange (go Canes)

Pasta and key lime pie are a weakness.

I am a proud nerd, and have been all my life.

I'm a minimalist in design.

And I have been on an incredible journey in life thanks to Jesus Christ.  I am where I am today because of Him.