Doing good - Thursday, June 4, 2020

Sometimes I’m highly observant. You have to be in the restaurant industry. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’m painfully oblivious to the going ons around me, but usually I see things. I’m also highly inquisitive and insightful. Insightful in a way that I think about things obsessively and thoroughly, not that I’m wise. So I like to watch things happen, I’m very curious, and I overthink. And that, my friends, can sometimes make for a long day.

So I’m at the church yesterday. And our worship pastor Danny is there.

By the way, if you don’t know Danny, get to know him. Introduce yourself. Incredible man of God. Not in a grandiose “look at me” way that so many are. More in a quiet, humble, loves God in an incredible serving way, and serves the people lovingly way.

So, back to my story. Danny is at the church. Just a smiling and carrying on about his work. Such an incredible person. Of course we talk. But as I’m going about my business, he quietly and happily goes about his: cleaning the church. He always does this. He scrubs toilets. He sanitizes. His family helps, too. They take out trash. They do it all. Today, he’s vacuuming. As always, I offer to help. He doesn’t really turn me down, but he says thank you and he will definitely let me know if he needs me. And then he goes right back to it. It’s not his pride, he just seems to like to do what he does. I mean, not that he wants to do chores all the time. And I don’t know for sure what he thinks. I just know this man does this thankless job with a smile, and doesn’t ask for recognition or atta boys. He just does it. And I know a bunch of people at the church know, but how many know??

So the other day, I was at the store, probably off in my own little world of thought. And I saw this woman, hands full of kids and stuff, walking to the door. And the juggling started to get a free hand. But almost instantly, another man stepped up and opened the door for her. She thanked him. He told her have a good day. He wasn’t an employee. Just a nice guy.

Oh, here’s one that made me think. Probably weeks ago now, a homeless gentleman. I saw him outside a restaurant. Then almost as soon as I saw him, this woman came out of the place, gave him some food and hugged him. They chatted, and then she went on her way. I got to see the entire thing because the drive thru was slow that day. And observant, inquisitive me noticed something else. No selfies were taken of the incident. Nothing for the ‘Grams. No likes. No upvotes. No atta girls. She spent her money on someone willingly and then treated that person like a fellow human.

I see little kids give a big smile and wave to complete strangers. And watch them get it back in return.

I’ve watched a person smile and say hello to complete strangers. I also watch those strangers suddenly smile and return the gesture. Some are startled at first because since when are strangers nice to strangers, but here they are.

Big and small, I’ve seen people do good for others. I’m not talking being reckless and unsafe. But I’ve seen people treat others like people. People with thought, emotions, and worth. Doesn’t have to be some huge gesture. Just something as simple as acknowledging the existence of someone can be life changing.

Chick fil a, I assume it’s them as the account says Dan Cathy, has a video it shares on YouTube called Every Life Has a Story. I tear up every time I watch it. I love it because it shows people making small gestures to people that can make a tough life easier for even a moment. Not everyone’s story is overwhelming and dramatic. But we are people. And doing good is rewarding on both ends of the act.

But there’s an unintended consequence of doing good. As I watched these things happen, and I’m sure most all these people weren’t paying attention to who was watching, I got inspired to do so good. I wanted to do more. I just wanted to do as these people were doing. Not for recognition or back pats. I just wanted to do good for others and we all be better. And I’m sure there were others watching, feeling as I did.

Jesus loves y’all, and so do I. Just my thoughts for the last few hours.

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