Ezekiel 37 - Thursday, April 16, 2020

I am no longer just dry bones laying dead to the world.

Easter has been almost a week ago now. Lots to think about. But I’ve been thinking about a message I heard my pastor give last year on a Sunday morning. The valley of dry bones.

The metaphor is easy to see. The message of resurrection of God’a people. God bringing his people home back to the promised land. It’s an incredible passage that speaks to the power of God and His seemingly unlimited love for His people. Alrighty God who can take not just the dead, but the long dead, and give them life.

Think about that. Those were dry bones. No flesh. No muscle. No nothing. It means that those bones had been there quite some time. Dry bones, long ago abandoned and forgotten about. Except by the Almighty God. He remembered. And he took dry bones and put flesh and muscle and life back on them. Right then.

It’s such an incredible story than can and should inspire us. Imagine being Ezekiel, watch the amazing sight of dry, dead bones coming to life right before your eyes. If I were Ezekiel I think I might fall out in wonder! Jesus was miraculously resurrected. And I’m sure we can see an allegory for the church at the second coming. But there’s one little fact that seems to be missed that struck me hard.

God brought Ezekiel to the valley and had him speak the words to bring back those bones.

God through Ezekiel to be sure. God didn’t need Ezekiel to do any of that, but he brought Ezekiel to the valley and had him speak. Ezekiel spoke the prophesy that God told him.

I think about the many people God gave me, who God uses to speak life into me. And there are plenty. They spoke God’s Word and life into me through his power and direction. Because if that my dry bones are alive again. I am a new life like those dry bones in the valley. Praise God that I will also be home with Him.

But someone spoke to those bones. Do I go where God brings me? He doesn’t send us anywhere, He TAKES us there. But do I go? Do I speak life to others? Or do I speak down to them, the opposite of life, and tear them down, or speak ill, or have a bad attitude toward them? Am I speaking life to them as God tells us to?

My hearts desire is that I am going where God brings me to do as He asks me so He, and He alone, can resurrect more dry bones and bring them home.

The lesson I learned to be more attentive to is don’t just be thankful for being brought new life like the bones, but get up and go as Ezekiel did where God brings me. He just might have more dry bones to fix.

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