I Am Who I Am - Sunday, February 7, 2021

Before I start, I just want to (playfully) fuss at my friends. No one told me about the movie The Greatest Showman and it’s been out for years. You’re all in trouble! I love feel goods and musicals. I can’t stop watching.

But as I do watch it, I can’t help but think about the message while thinking about this mornings sermon at church. I am who I am.

This morning my friend Phil gave a very good sermon. I am who I am. A child of God. And Phil did magic as only he can do and explained Ephesians 1:1-7 in a simple way anyone could understand. And his message went along from what I keep reading in James 1:1, a verse I’ve been obsessing over lately. I am who God made me to be: His.

Lately it’s been tough. Nothing is wrong per se. it’s not like life is dire or even all that hard for me right now. Despite some setbacks, I’ve had a decent time. So when the enemy couldn’t get me down, he went to two ol’ reliables, kick up my anxiety and interrupt my sleep. But after church today, I had peace. The ruckus and anxiety in my head was quiet. I could be calm. Even managed to catch a few shiny roselia Pokémon today. Talked to God, hung out with family. Got some much needed discipleship time with Kevin, even though we didn’t record a podcast this week. It’s all good. We have a great and mighty God who loves us so much.

Through Phil this morning, as He often does, God spoke. To everyone I’m sure, but to me. Good reminders. I am His. He’s all I need. I read in my own studies this week that His grace is sufficient. It’s not what I do for Him, it’s what He has done for me. On the cross. I don’t mean to sound selfish because though He did it for the whole world, I know King Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, stepped directly out of Heaven and onto Earth. He grew up meager and humble. He died violently and rose again. And He did it like He did for everyone, each and everyone one of us personally. He did it with me in mind. He thought of each of us, and loved me so much He gave up all He had for me. And came to meet me personally.

That’s who we are. Who I am.

And before Phil spoke, and while the worship team worshipped, this high school girl got up on stage and told a story of how her and a friend were at a local coffee shop studying Gods word. And she felt lead to leave her seat and go pray for these people near her. He asked her to put her self, her plans, and her wants behind her and go for God and talk and pray for these folks. And she did. She went up.

Phil talked about it and then made a comparison to going up to the altar at church. Not just at the end at altar call, but whenever God tells you. That girl did not worry about how silly she looked, how embarrassing it might be, or how uncomfortable she was. So if that’s what God calls you to do, you go.

Jesus told his disciples they would have to drop everything to follow Him. Literally everything. Not metaphorically. Not symbolically. I know, it seems like I repeated myself. But he meant literally. He had Peter leave the massive haul of fish he caught because Jesus helped him catch them, and follow Him.

This morning I woke up as I have for days now, my head too loud with the worries and anxiety that the enemy likes to cause when he wants me down. But God brings peace. He had it and I needed it. Wanted it. And I kept thinking about Him coming to us, to me, personally, and hanging on the cross not concerned that he was on display for the world in a manner that in no way was what a king would look like. And make no mistake, He asked for another way. I mean, who wants to go through the torture he endured. He asked God for another way. But he willingly and strongly walked up Calvary with His cross, no cares what all those people thought.

Who cared what everyone thought that saw Him. Who cared what the people in the coffee shop of that girl as she not only walked up to strangers to ask them to pray for them, she did pray for them in front of everyone despite them being there. Like Phil says, do what God tells you despite everything else. He loves us. And I could hear the Holy Spirit talk to me for a few days now.

I knew that peace. Nothing like my anxiety and noise now. It was and is me and God. Nothing else mattered. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, my dear friends, and am thankful for what I have. They matter. But God, He is all those things. And way more. So all that anxiety the enemy was attempting to bring me down with meant nothing. God wants me.

So as the Holy Spirit told me to, as I had heard this week and throughout the first part of church, when it wasn’t the right time, and as friends I love so much came with me, I did what I had to do to just be me and God. I went to the altar.

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