Luna Stella D., the Illustrator of Our Children’s Book - Sunday, May 24, 2020

I want to take the time to write about someone who made this book possible, Luna Stella D. She really made the story come to life in a beautiful, soft, but bold way. Gorgeous illustrations really say more than the words I wrote could ever. She is incredibly talented, very professional, and crazy nice. I’m very happy that she agreed to do this with me.

But there’s more to Ms. D than amazing artwork and good story telling. And I want to share that.

So I met Ms. Luna on the app called Fiverr. I had been searching everywhere for an illustrator and just couldn’t pin one down for many reasons. But I looked on this app on my phone under illustrator, and I saw this drawing of a boy on a pier fishing. I was enthralled by the color and style. So much so, she doesn’t know this, but I looked at that picture and her other work for days. It. Was. Amazing. I spent days because I didn’t have the courage to message her and ask her if we could discuss the book I was working on. She said yes.

And it began. We discussed the story, the vision, the reason behind the book. All the technical stuff. So we agreed to try this out. And she sent me page one, and I think two, of the book illustrated.

I had no words.

For the first time since I was inspired to write the book, there was Little Keli and Little Phil, staring back at me from the screen. I was awestruck! Words can only tell part of the story. If she could have seen my reaction, she’d have seen quiet tears of joy and fist pumps of excitement as I stared at that artwork. I stared at it for so long I couldn’t stop. And we decided to complete this together.

However, something else happened. Something very awesome.

So here was this woman that I only knew through an app and a computer screen. But as we talked, she started coming to life as well. I learned she was from Italy. And this exchange was going on during the height of coronavirus. I learned she was caring for family. And then little bits of stories about not only what was going on half a world away, but little bits and pieces of who this person was. She was very sweet and patient. She was excited about what she does. Very caring. What was happening was that as we worked together, I fully and 1000% believe, God was introducing two new friends.

It is amazing to me because often I hear the lament of how impersonal the internet can be. Yet here we are getting to know each other.

It makes me think about all the tools we have to reach people that we limit ourselves from. That sentence sounds awkward but it’s right. We have perceptions about how things should be done, and by doing that we limit ourselves from what could be done. Philippians 4:13 says we can do all things through Christ.

Please. Go check out Ms. Luna’s work. She’s amazing. I’m putting the link below to find her. But even more than that, I’m so happy I made a new friend. But I made a friend who has no idea what she has done for me, and I’m so thankful that Jesus introduced us. Thank you my new friend. I hope you are well, I pray for you daily, and thank you infinitely.

To see Luna Stella D’s work

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