Truth of the Lord - Sunday, July 19, 2020

“Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper

Light in the darkness

My God, that is who You are

Sing that is who You are

Oh, that is who You are

And that is who You are

Oh, and that is who You are

That is who You are

Lord Jesus, that is who You are

That is who You are (oh, He lifts you up)

That is who You are

That is who You are”

  • Waymaker lyrics, by Leeland

So today at church, we worshipped. I mean we do worship every week, but something just made it intense today. One of the songs was Rattle, by Elevation Church. That’s the one Steven Furtick pastors. Great song. Great message. And at church this morning it hit well. And I do love the song. But it wasn’t the one that hit me.

Waymaker. Never heard it before. I don’t sing along with songs I don’t know because I want to worship God with meaning. It’s how I feel and I don’t mean others don’t mean the words they say. I’m just super particular about words. So I read along at the start.

But soon I was singing along.

One line in particular hit me. We sang it over and over. It was too powerful for me.

That is who you are.

The words before it are important as well. But the period on the sentence was that is who you are. I sang along thinking about why this particular line of this incredible song hit me so hard. And then I realized it.


It’s the truth we were singing. The truth about who God is. And here we were worshipping Him for being who He is. Not was or will be. But is. We were worshipping God in all His glory and might, wonder and power, mercy and grace. I could feel His delight in our worship as we celebrated who He is in song. A lot of times we celebrate what he does or has done, and that’s great. But sometimes it’s beautiful just to see the truth of who He is and celebrate that. And knowing that in the entirety of creation He hears us and loves us is wonderfully overwhelming.

He is the way maker. He makes a A for us to do His will. He is a miracle worker, and still does miracles today. He is a promise keeper because he keeps His promises. And He is the light in darkness. He is who He is. The great I am.

Celebrating His truth in worship can be amazing. It was today.

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